31C3 CCH outside view
[Foto: CC-BY 2.0 Robert]

After all the years I could not go because of limited travelling and legal capabilities (minors can’t rent hotel rooms, etc.), things worked out in 2014: I went to the Chaos Communication Congress for the first time.

What a great event, so many great talks. So much Mate. So little sleep. So cool projects. So impressive people.

What stands out in the aftermath of (re)watching some of the talks.

You will find a bullet in my head before finding a back door in Tor.

These words sound pathetic, but you could clearly feel that Jacob Applebaum is dead-serious about it.Watch the talk State of the Onion.


A new dawn is breaking. And if we move on with the momentum I felt during Congress, the sun might never set.

Happy 2015, everyone!